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Mermaids, known as the Vilen, lurk beneath the surface, yearning for revenge on all of human kind. After escaping a brutal kidnapping by the skin of her teeth, Presley Rooney is determined to discover why she was taken and how she could bring the Vilen's other victims to justice.


Unbeknownst to Presley and her twin brother Preston, they are pieces of a puzzle more intricate than they ever could have imagined.

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In an act of survival, Kesse, a nearly 700-year old Ghanian Succubus mates with 18-year old Creole, Emeric Darbonne, resulting in her pregnancy. Little does she know, the New Orleans native is something else...


A dormant Incubus, thought to be extinct for hundreds of years. Kesse and Emeric must figure out how to cease the emergence of his deadly nature before their human child is born.

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Bound to the earth, the Maiken, a coven of thirteen witches, are given the task of protecting the land beseeched upon them by the goddess, Om, herself. After humans abuse its soil and encounter violent battles for territory, the Maiken are forced to create an army of elven warrriors. The newborn Zaren police the humans and bring the land back to its once peaceful nature. Nonetheless, this was not enough for some.


Vidar, the first born elf of the head witch, Amara, takes it upon himself to challenge the Maiken, and rule over the land alone. After enslaving humans and ultimately consuming their blood for god-like power, he believes he has won. Once Vidar's heinous crimes are made known to Amara, she breaks the barriers that once kept her from the Kingdom of Zaren and makes it her mission to do everything she can to bring Vidar and his enforcers to their knees.

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Lavender is a tale of rebirth and the invention of one’s true identity strategically placed in a dark fantasy setting. Lavender is a young Fairy, who is instructed by her Seeker, Naeem, to carry out the five phases of her life.


In order to complete each phase and create each separate story, Lavender is forced to kill her influencers.


With every kill, comes a new power for the strong-willed Fairy to possess; preparing her for the powerful position she must acquire in her final phase.

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600 years ago, King Bram of the Sorandikov dragons and King Alexandre of the Montagne dragons used the most powerful witch alive to curse the undefeated De la Muerte gargoyles. They then murdered the sorceress once she set forth the elimination of all dragons in each territory.


When one of Bram's own comrades is found burned beyond recognition in the center square, they fear the reemergence of a powerful threat. Who has come to enact their own vengeance? The gargoyles or the witches? Perhaps.... both.

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After the death of his beloved father, Marcellus Archmidean gallantly accepts the role of Greece's new General. Though he always knew this day would come, he was not prepared for the events that would ensue. Following a direct threat from the Empire of Rome, Marcellus must use his skills in battle to train men who had yet to clutch the staff of a spear. As he trains his new recruits, his a godly war wages in his mind. Mars, the Roman God of War and Ares, the Grecian God of War, stake claim to Marcellus' success in the upcoming battle. They offer him strength, family, honor, and more but which god will succeed in tempting Marcellus' human desires in return for a claim to the defeat of Rome?

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