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Alicia Vale is 23 years old, newly married, and about to start a brand new life with her Marine husband, Kyle Vale. Though it was a quick romance, she is more than sure Kyle is the right and only choice for her. After Kyle’s discharge, he moves to Nashville, Tennessee.


Months later, Alicia follows, leaving everything she has known behind. She soon gets a job in a writing studio and is living the dream marriage she had always imagined. Along the way she makes quirky friends and discovers that even dream marriages aren’t perfect.

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Immerse yourself in Alicia Vale: As You Were, the continuation of Alicia Vale: I Salute You. Follow Alicia as she begins the next chapter of her life. Discover what new, scandalous secrets her husband, Kyle, has been hiding from her. Will she stick it out with her beloved, a former Corporal in the Marines?


Or... Will she continue her whirlwind romance with the sweet and southern Staff Sergeant, Kiernan Lucas? Alicia has 2 men to choose from, but in the end, will she decide to put her career before anything?

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